W’s Shoes

Investigating Data Collected from W’s Exercise Habits

W told me he’s not keen on exercise, but does it to keep in shape. He has no routine for his exercise or no goal or aim. As such, we felt it would be easy to track W’s exercise activities. I asked W to track the exercise he does manually on his phone. W said he sometimes tracks his exercise on his phone, but does it automatically, so it wasn’t something he paid much attention to. As such, we agreed that together for this week of data tracking, W would manually track his exercise data for me to use an analyse.

We also agreed that W would not overlap his exercise data with the phone data (steps, distance etc) as it would then become hard to distinguish between the data sets.

W’s Exercise Activity

W said that he went to the gym twice this week. Once on Tuesday evening and once on Saturday morning. W told me that both times he went as he was feeling sluggish and unproductive (the evening of Tuesday’s work day, and the day after Friday’s ‘relax day’ – more info here).

W also told me that both times he didn’t want to be at the gym for long as he felt he had other things he would rather be doing. He did say however that the running time he produced was one of his fastest.