P’s Phone

Investigating Data Collected from P’s Phone. 

Upon discussion, it was concluded that the fundamental device that the participants carry with them most often is the smartphone. Most smartphones have a minimum of ten sensors (Majumdar, 2016) all able to track and store various data. As such, P was asked to use his phone and a corresponding tracking device to monitor his activity over a weekly period (from 29/02/2016 to 06/03/2016). As displayed below, P agreed to track his steps, distance, activity and mood.

Using smart data tracking, a quantitive insight to a week of P’s life allows us to make relative judgements about his activity whilst attempting not to intrude on personal information that should not be ethically disclosed.

However, as a point made by Tricia Wang (2013), it’s not just numbers that should be used to provide ethnographic insight, but contextual correlation plays a huge role when it comes to reaching to conclusions. As such, following P’s week of tracking, I followed up on his data to provide further insight and to show the value-added by utilising a mixed-method project.

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Raw Data of P’s Tracking : 29/02/2016 – 06/03/2016

Analysis of data using qualitative data:

Steps and Distance
During the working week, P walked a mean average of 6655 steps. The average person takes between 3,000-4,000 steps per day (NHS, 2014). P told me that he walks quite far to get to and from work, but was also quite active this week after work as it was a busy week. P told me that often he walks quite far from the tube station to his work place, and does the same trip when returning.
P also told me that during the weekend his partner was visiting, and so he went to a few events in the local area such as art galleries and restaurants.

P told me that the working week wasn’t particularly interesting and that the week before was more intense. He said that Friday was the most enjoyable day of the week as the project they had been working on for the past month was now completed, and was subsequently celebrated. P also said he had a quiet and enjoyable weekend with his partner.

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